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Experience Qigong for Yourself

**Please arrive by 10:15 to receive matcha/sweets before class begins**

At the residence of Art Olivas

137 Sonbrio Drive, Santa Fe

“When Ki is strong and the body relaxed, there is a quieting effect on the immediate environment.  Calm and alert, the mind takes in and appreciates more.  This is the real meaning in cultivating richness in simplicity, and the real purpose behind Tea Ceremony etiquette.”

—William Reed, from “Ki:  A Practical Guide for Westerners, p. 181 (1986)” 

$15.00 fee. Pay on site or register and pay online.

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In Chado, we experience our own Ki-energy, “life energy”, as part of the peaceful and special feelings that accompany a Tea experience.  Yet, there are few forms in Tea where we can directly address and contemplate our own Ki-body, or energy-body, and its properties.

 In this very special opportunity, we invite Chado NM members to get a direct experience in getting to know your Ki-energy body, align it with your natural well-being and self-healing capabilities, and to feel how its presence is integrated in your every movement and moment.

 Qigong ("chee-gong") is one of the many Taoist practices of directly working with and cultivating one’s own Ki-energy.  Beth Searcey is a widely studied teacher of the Wudan Tradition of Qiging, as well as other healing practices and arts, and has the gift of being able to present each form in an easy to understand narrative.  With on-going instruction and demonstration provided, each participant will self-administer a warming-up Longevity-Massage, and then Qigong forms.  Even with no experience in any of these forms, it is possible to experience joy and well-being which lasts beyond the class time.

I am producing this class because I have had powerful and uplifting experiences in studying Qigong with Beth Searcey myself.  My personal health and emotional well-being has been greatly improved by regular practice of Qigong.  I believe that understanding how our Ki-energy naturally moves throughout our bodies can enhance our understanding and experience of Chado.  For example, why does a bowl of Tea taste different/better when prepared during a temae-procedure than when simply prepared without temae?  The answer is the build-up of one’s Ki-energy during temae, and then releasing the Ki-energy into the tea when whisking.

Please join us for an uplifting and unforgettable class experience.

If time permits, after the Qigong practice, there will be an opportunity for discussion.

What to bring/what to wear?

Please wear loose fitting/comfortable clothes which allow for gentle movement.  Dress like you are going to a relaxing yoga class.  (I have even done class in blue jeans, no problem)  Please bring a cushion for sitting at the first part of class.  

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  I hope to see you there!

Austin Babcock